Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ooh La La! A Veeery simple French Bench!

Benches are one of those things that are easy to make, fast to build and cost almost nothing. This petite French Bench is simple pine (using recycled 2x3's for legs) and capping the ends with old Victorian house trim.

To stamp or not to stamp, is the question here.  When I do a proper table or a fancy bench I do like to draw out my paint patterns by hand so each piece is a unique piece of art.  BUT...once in a while, I really like machine like repetition in patterns.  It is hard to do that freehand, and, in fact, doing it by hand leaves imperfections that usually ruin the machine-like perfection you are trying for in the first place.  So, this is how I like to use stamps.  Almost creating a wallpaper type print on the furniture.

New Pine, Recycled Woods and Victorian Trim, Miller Latex Paints, Spar Varnish
Designed and Built By Brett Bigham
Portland, Oregon

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