Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Pile of Recycled Wood & Two Sleepless Nights

My friend Carole called me on a Wednesday. "What are you doing this weekend?"
She is an antiques dealer and was going to a big antique show that weekend. Their had just been a cancellation and she was offered a second space. She had taken the space but did it for me.  I had two days to fill the space but I had almost nothing in the house that I had built.

So I went to work.  I ran to Goodwill and bought up silverware box and some old mirrors that had no frames. The silverware box got little legs made out of old spindles and the mirror got a fancy new frame.

I whipped out a couple of cupboard door tables. (I STILL have some of these old cupboard doors left! I don't think I'll ever use them up but when you find a case of old cupboard doors for a buck a have to buy them!)

I yanked my favorite mirror off the wall (the Ivory colored "Lotus Mahal Mirror". The archway shape was inspired by an ancient Indian Temple. It was one of the few pieces I had in the house.

A few more vintage cupboard doors from the 1950's became modern art masterpieces! 

Another cupboard door became this endtable and a weird small cupboard door became an ottoman. The pine bench has handcut diamonds and the  mosaic piece on the right was a plant stand I had made for myself previously. The top was originally a wooden Chinese stand made to hold an urn or a pot. The legs were very old Victorian porch spindles, and the side pieces were 1930's old growth lumber that had archways cut out of the sides. It was one of those pieces that take so much time to make that you know you can never sell them for what the investment was.  You are simply making art. 

So that was what I was able to throw together in two days and two nights.  I only slept 6 or 7 hours in three days but I was pretty impressed.  I can be quite industrious when the need arises.  

Now if I could just get off this couch!!

Happy Spring.

Big Pile of Furniture: Mixed Media, Mixed antique and new woods, cupboard doors, Victorian spindles and trim, pine, oak, maple, handcut and store bought appliques, Antique and vintage mirrors,  Miller Lates Paint, Spar Varnish.

Designed and Built by Brett Bigham
Black Dog Furniture
Portland Oregon

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