Sunday, March 17, 2013

A 1930's Twin Waterfall Headboard Became A Flashy Art Deco Bookcase!

Now How is this for recycling?!

I picked up a wrecked 1930's Art Deco Waterfall Headboard. Originally I thought I might use it for a hutch on a piece but every time I tried to use it on a piece, it just didn't look right.  Finally I decided to make it into a stand-alone bookcase.  I took off the front panel, added shelves and built out a base. The top corners of the piece were very dramatic so I added the extra moulding and a very cool triangular trim that I picked up at a salvage yard.

The back panel is just press board but I patternred it using a combination of high glass and satin black paint. It made a subtle but very beautiful touch to the piece.  Granted, when it is full of books it won't s how, but for me, the artist, I always enjoy secret compartments and secret paintings.  It is not  unusual for me to cartoon or paint the backs of my pieces.

The people who bought this were in Portland, visiting from Florida.  They saw it in the window and had to have it.  :0)  The store had quite a time finding a box to ship it in!

Art Deco Waterfall Bookcase: recycled 1930s headboard, pine, douglas fir, Victorian trims, Panel board, Miller High Gloss Black Paint, Miller Latex Paint, Spar Varnish, Silver Leaf.
Designed and Built by Brett Bigham
Black Dog Furniture Design
Portland, Oregon

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