Sunday, March 17, 2013

One of my favorite things to build are shelves!

I love building shelves.  When you are done they are so substantial and seem to me, as a furniture builder, one of the most architectural of things to build.  I call this set the Ebony Metropolis Shelf.  The Handcut diamonds are, obviously, my favorite decoration to build with. They are simple but add dimension and they are a total chameleon.  On this piece they look like a squared art deco bolt or nail head.  On another piece they will look like carving or Victorian decorations.
Here is another set of shelves.  Similar pieces but this one has a whole different mojo going on.

The subtle pattern in the backing is a strip using a high gloss and a satin gloss black.

Lotus Shelves in Ebony: Pine, Press Board, New and Antique trims, Hand-cut Diamonds, Pressed applique, Miller High Gloss Black, Satin Black Varnish, Miller Black Latex, Spar Varnish.

Designed and Built By Brett Bigham
Black Dog Furniture Design
Portland, Oregon

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