Sunday, April 28, 2013

What to do with your woodscraps!

These are a great example of what to do with leftover pieces of wood and trim.

The top rack was made using old cupboard knobs.  The natural brown rack was using hand-forged iron  hooks from an artisan.  The last two used Mexican cast iron hooks left-over from a restaurant project. (I've seen these same hooks on Ebay for $10 a piece.  Shop carefully, I got mine for $1.50 a piece in bulk).

The most notable design feature of these is the hanging applique that slides open to reveal a hidden screw. This allows the rack to be secured to the wall and the screws to be hidden.

Coat Racks: Pine, David Douglas Fir, Victorian House trim, Vintage Door Knobs, Cast Iron Hooks, Miller Latex Paint, Spar Varnish.

By Brett Bigham
Black Dog Furniture Design
Portland, Oregon

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