Sunday, April 21, 2013

Victorian Spindles, Recycled Trims and Wood. This Table Is As Green As It Gets.


Who says recycling isn't glamorous?! This little table is recycling at its finest!

The legs came from a Victorian Staircase, The corner trim and applique are trims salvaged from Portland-area homes and the wood was also salvage.

The legs set the color-scheme for this piece.  I didn't actually paint them, they came with the green paint that had been heavily weathered back into the wood.  I mixed my colors for the top based on the colors coming out on the legs.

As a note to people who are thinking of building out of old woods.  Be suspect of old paint and varnish.  In the sanding process those mediums can become airborne particles.  As a rule you should always wear a mask.  As a best practice, I also make sure that any old paint is sealed and covered with several coats of a high quality varnish.  

Victorian Spindle Table with Harlequin Top: Mixed Media Woods, Miller Latex Paint, Spar Varnish.

By Brett Bigham
Portland, Oregon

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