Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Art Deco Masterpiece!! All hand-cut on a chop saw.

First off...DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME unless you are really good with a saw.  All that chopping is dangerous and, as many of you know, my mom chopped off four fingers on her saw.

Be careful and read the safety instructions until you have them memorized.

Usually I edit myself and don't allow too many layers of cuts and appliques but I made this frame for an opening and I needed a dozen frames for the walls.  So, I just started layering, trying to create an Art Deco piece that would look machine made but was all hand-created.  Some of these forms are inspired by the Chrysler Building in New York.

Sometimes I want to be a painter just so I can create my own frames.

Verde Chrysler Frame: Pine and mixed woods, Vintage Mirror Glass, Hand-cut Appliques, Miller Latex Paint, Spar Varnish.

By Brett Bigham
Portland, Oregon

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