Sunday, February 24, 2013

This used to be a twin bed!

This 1960's bamboo-styled twin headboard became a fun bench. My mother had just returned from Vietnam for a tour and she brought me back coins and stamps.  Since I had just finished this bench I decided to use some of the words from the coins on the bench.

It went into the window at Portico and sold pretty quickly.  Later on the Vietnamese man who ran the lizard store across the street told me the words were somewhat offensive.  The coins were  from colonial Vietnam and referred to "Indochine".  My apologies for my racist bench.  If you are the person who bought it, I would love to repaint the seat so give me  call!

Mixed media wood, twin headboard, latex paint, spar varnish, semi-racist Vietnamese.
Built and Designed by Brett Bigham. 

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