Thursday, February 21, 2013

One of my favorite coffee tables.

One of my all time favorite coffee tables.

This is one of those designs that just came together perfectly.  I like to do an original top on every piece of furniture that I build. I pride myself on being able to say, "I've never made two pieces that are alike." When I built this table I wanted to do a stockier, more square shape. The overhang is very shallow, the legs and stays are the same thickness and the hand-cut diamond appliques are all, basically, another square tipped on their side.  

When I went to paint the table, the squareness of the piece kind of threw me.  A design based on squares did not seem right. The harlequin diamonds, however, was the perfect fit! The table really came together nicely and I considered keeping it.  Instead, I marked it ridiculously high and put it in the store. I told myself if it didn't sell in a couple of weeks that I would keep it.  It sold the next day.

Sigh...that is the plight of the artist. When you create something, sometimes, if you are lucky, you fall in love with a piece.  Sometimes you keep them, more often, you have to part with something you created that you love.  

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