Sunday, May 26, 2013

Meet Our New Deaf Kitty Fernando Riblets

This little fellow is our new kitty.  We were at the farmstore getting food for our farm animals (OK...we were at the farmstore buying catfood) and they had a bunch of kittens.  We couldn't help ourselves and brought home this little fellow.

Once we got home we realized he didn't seem to be  hearing the 85 pound dog jumping and leaping all around him.  The little fellow is deaf.  Stone deaf.  You can clap your hand as hard as you can six inches from his head and he doesn't hear it.

Of course, we could have taken him back but we decided it was fate.  Plus he is so danged cute.  He spent all morning crawling all over the dog looking for some milk.  The dog just licked him and licked him the whole time.  

The other cats are not quite as thrilled.  Butch was friendly but won't really play yet.  Jasper is pissed off.  Or was until I opened a can of delicious Snoutloaf (Fancy Feast) for them to share.  As soon as the food was gone, Jasper was pissed off again...but it will all work out.

The funny thing is, Jasper is hissing and sounding all tough but the kitten doesn't hear a word of it. (meow of it?)

The name isn't his proper name.  Fernando Riblets is a painter and his name just makes us laugh. One of these days we'll figure out his real name.  Right now he is laying on my neck while I sing to him. He can't hear it but he seems to like the vibration.  He purrs in a funny little squeek and his mews are a peep.  

Very, very cute is Fernano Riblets!

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